Centre´s scope is to create a suitable environment that encourages research, education and training for sustainable development and innovation, continuous professional development of students of University College Bedër, graduate from other HEIs or individuals interested in receiving professional training; 
To organize conferences, symposia, workshops, and seminars in the field of scientific research at national and international level; 
To manage scientific journals of the institution with ISSN, BJES and BJH; 
To organize and collaborate in research programs aimed at putting the institution at the service of society; 
To encourage and support projects of a disciplinary and interdisciplinary nature between faculties and students; 
To sustain, coordinate and support publications of scientific articles by academic staff and students according to the rules proved by scientific journals; 
To follow the promotion procedures of the titles for the academic staff;  
To develop scientific research as well as promoting projects with a focus on academic staff or students, thus promoting academic research of students or cooperation with partners from the labor market; 
To set up lasting links with international partners, therefore scientific research will be put at the service of the region and beyond by implementing joint research projects with local units, universities at home and abroad.
To organize training, research and developing partnerships in the field of computer science, IT and technology, business, or such fields of humanities as justice, education, etc., which conclude with a nationally recognized certificate or which supply the possibility of obtaining an international certificate. 
To set up partnerships with other centers /institutes, actors, and interest groups from the labor market, the business world and the IT market and computer science. 
To supply a platform for “Bedër” University College and its partners for setting up mutually beneficial links to foster and aid innovation activities and to act as a catalyst and organizer for sustainable development issues and as an incubator of ideas and projects on innovation in society. 
To support research-oriented to solve real-world problems. 
To develop ideas of innovative applications and to ease collaborations and partnerships with industry, HEIs and various segments of society which influence the introduction of technological innovations and the provision of solutions for sustainable development.