Head of Center
Dr. Ndriçim Çiroka
Center Website


The Research-Development Center for Sustainable Development and Innovation (RDCSI) at University College Bedër is a basic unit organized at the Faculty of Technology and Business. 

The Center conducts independent and academic research activities held by the Faculty of Technology and Business likewise the other basic unit of University College Bedër, Faculty of Humanities and Law. The Center conducts research and development activities in the field of sustainable development and innovation. According to the structure of national and international projects, the research center cooperates with other development research units inside and outside the country. 
The mission of the Centre is to contribute to the country and eventually the region and beyond in achieving sustainable development in all its dimensions - economic, social, and environmental - by translating sustainable development goals into meaningful policies and solutions through innovative long-term projects and short-term in the field of technology, business and beyond. 
Furthermore, innovation programs aim to increase the creative potential of students, to contribute to the development of an innovative project-oriented curriculum and tailored to the needs of society and industry. Such programs and projects envisaged to be developed by the center will enable students to connect with real-world problems in all areas and seek innovative solutions to problems. 
The vision of the center is to become a model of excellence, a leader in promoting sustainable development and innovation, returning to the fireplace of cultivating the best values in function of future multidisciplinary training of professionals. 
The center aims to increase the performance of University College Bedër as well as the engagement of academic staff and students by enabling them to be involved in as many scientific research projects in the field of economics, humanities and information technology and innovation, in increasing cooperation with national and international partners, optimizing internal processes, management and control systems, staff work culture, as well as building various application platforms in medium or long term impact on the dimensions of sustainable development and innovation.